GopherCon 2023

October 2, 2023
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Hello, here’s a recap for my first GopherCon (US).

GopherCon 2023 - San Diego

Day 1 - Mon Sep 25

My first plan is arriving at 21:30 UTC-7 on Day 1.

However, due to the flight ticket issue, I have to book new one, and only arrive at 11:35 UTC-7 on Day 2.

Day 2 - Tue Sep 26

Arriving Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina near 13:00 UTC-7, I finish the registration quickly, getting my badge, sending luggage to my room then start going to “Meet the Go Team” session.

Meet the Go Team

The session is great, and a open discussion with members of Go Team:

and other members who I could not name them all.

(Roughly half of the Go Team attending the conference)

I mostly stay at the table with Robert and Ian, discussing about:

This is an open discussion, with many insights, thoughtful ideas from Gophers.

Robert and Ian

Russ is on other table, but Robert calls him out and introducing me with him. He recognizes me, says thanks to my contribution to Go, and welcome me to my first GopherCon.

It feels great!


Later, I come to say hi with Michael, having a discussion about his works and plan for the garbage collector.


At the Google boot camp, I meet Keith, having a discussion about his work today and the future plan for the go compiler backend.


All of them welcome me to my first time to GopherCon and the US!

My body is tired due to very long flight, but my brain feels great.

Day 3 - Wed Sep 27

Waking early due to timezone issue, I grab the breaksfast then going to enjoy the conference.

Talks that I attend:

I also have a chance to meet Dmitri Shuralyov, he says thanks to me for fixing some CI issues.


We have another picture with the giant Gopher.

Giant gopher

Then I meet Filippo Valsorda, talking about his decision to become a Professional maintenance, and his works on making Go crypto library better. It’s great that he said thing has been working for him so far, and he has many paid clients.

Day 4 - Thu Sep 28

Stil be beaten by the timezone, I wake up then attend the last day of the conference.

(I’m from Vietnam, 14 hours different with San Diego!)

Talks that I attend:

While I was walking to wait until Filippo’s talk, Matt Layher intercepts and says hi to me, and saying that he’s going to attend the talk, too.

Matt Layher

The conference is going to end, and the closing party will start soon.

While I was walking to the closing party, Michael sent an email to invite me to the dinner with Go Team. I missed the email because I was walking and not actively checking my email.

What a pity! (Next time, Michael gopher_beer)


After the conference, I spend the rest of the week to discover San Diego, before flying back to Vietnam on Sunday. I like the city, especially the weather, which is quite similar with my hometown.

What a wonderful GopherCon! It was a pleasure meeting everyone.

Till next time!

San Diego

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